Belgium and Waffles

I love it here. The Belgians are so friendly, they all ride bicycles, and they specialize in beer and chocolate. What’s not to love?

We toured Brussels and Bruges. Brussels seems like a very liveable city. They have a palace, a royal library, Delirium brewery, lots of street lights and roads that wouldn’t be confused with sidewalks.

While Brussels has many lovely buildings, they chose to make this tiny, ridiculous fountain their city symbol.

Bruges is a great holiday destination. I bet is is super cute at Christmas too. Every morning started with a waffle and the topping du jour, and the third day I just bought a Toblerone to press into my waffle since the options were all candy-covered waffles anyway.

We wandered the cobblestones and admired the fairytale buildings while getting disoriented following the spiderwebbed canals. As evening approached, we would drink Belgian beer by the canals quoting In Bruges to each other while watching the swans float by.

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