Trier, Germany

Trier is the oldest city in Germany and briefly served as the seat of Roman government (383-388 AD). It has the most Roman ruins outside of Rome itself as the Romans showed up and started building in 50 BC. We gave two day to this city with the goal of enjoying a quiet town and the Mosel river valley.

Fall has arrived in northern Europe. We bundled up with coats and beanies to explore the river, and when the rain increased from mist to droplets we took refuge in a Paulaner bar. We even got a free plate of food with compliments from the kitchen.

The Constantine Basilica was built as Caesar’s throneroom and converted later to a Protestant church.

Their cathedral is said to hold Jesus’ robe that the soldiers gambled over as well as the skull of Constantine’s mother.

Trier is also home to Karl Marx. The Chinese government recently donated this statue of Marx to the city. The intended statue was bigger, but the city of Trier asked China to scale it down a bit.

Visiting Trier also helped us check Luxembourg off countries to see. Traffic from Trier to Brussels was so bad in Luxembourg that we got to spend an extra hour of sightseeing from the bus as we drove along tiny village streets to avoid the freeway.

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