Florence, Italy

First return to a previous city. We were last here in 2012. This time we stayed near the city center, so we had plenty of energy to venture out. Today was 96 degrees Fahrenheit. That is tolerable when working all day in an office with A/C but quite warm for city trekking.

The ancient streets of Florence are narrow and the buildings are tall. It was challenging to take photos of buildings from six feet away.

The best way to see the city is from across the river and up a hill at Michelangelo’s Plaza.

After spending most of the day in direct sunlight, we needed an afternoon nap while the city cooled off a bit. We were awoken by thunder and driving rain followed quickly by hail. I was so thankful to be indoors and to watch the storm from my bunkbed. We have been caught in enough rainstorms these past two weeks.

After the storm, we ventured out to enjoy the city at sunset. The cobbled streets had absorbed the rain so we didn’t have puddles everywhere.

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