Bologna, Italy

The plan was to spend another week in the UK and then fly down to Switzerland. However, we are ready for a change and excited to take advantage of spontaneity so we flew straight to Italy. It was cheaper to fly to Bologna than to take a train to York.

Last time I was in Italy was 2012. I was so excited to visit Tuscany and Rome, but my visit did not live up to expectations. This time I expect it to be crazy and nonsensical and for it to break the patterns that the rest of Europe has adopted. Also I am staying in the North. Regional difference is a big deal here.

Day 1: Bologna

After a 4am start from Edinburgh, we slept the afternoon away in Bologna and only ventured forth once evening and cool temperatures set in. The streets are narrow and cobbled and ancient buildings tower above us. The main towers lean just like Pisa.

We bought bread, prosciutto and mozzarella for dinner, but we couldn’t find a place to sit. They don’t believe in benches here and parks are a rare find. You can drink in public, but eating in public seems frowned upon. Restaurants charge an extra 3 Euros per person if you eat at their tables.

The main square had August movie nights and we watched Gatta Cenerentola. An Italian cartoon take on modern Cinderella. Lucky us, they had English subtitles.

We walked home around midnight and it felt surprisingly safe. There were people everywhere and the streets were illuminated.