Gold Coast, Australia

G’day mates! The accents here are amazing, and the Aussies are so nice! Even the customs agent that questioned Aaron while performing a thorough review of his bag contents was nothing but friendly. The agent questioned me separately to verify Aaron’s answers, but he wasn’t too concerned when I contradicted him a few times. Perhaps it would have been more suspicious for a couple to actually agree. We are glad that they let us in because we love it here.

Australia is wonderful. It is our first English speaking country since Scotland, five months ago. We can drink the water, the roads are smooth and orderly, everyone is friendly, the indoor plumbing works, and we can read the signs. Also, the waves are perfect for boogie boarding. I hadn’t gone boogie boarding in years, but we spent four hours in the water and had the best time. We both got sunburns and I bruised my hips and ribs, but I think it was worth it. The hole in the ozone demands covering up or constant reapplication of sunblock. I think we’ll have to do both for the next few weeks.

Food costs a bit more here and grocery stores are plentiful so we are back to cooking for ourselves. I missed Mexican food and cheese the most, so my first meal was a quesadilla.

Water dragons are everywhere!

Next stops: Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns

6 thoughts on “Gold Coast, Australia

  1. Barry Calfee

    Are you sure you aren’t back in Santa Barbara, those pictures look familiar except the lizard?
    Glad you are enjoying Australia. Excited that Marlene and Dan can join you for part of the trip.
    When we had lunch with them last Sunday they were very excited about joining you.
    I always think about classic movies like Danny Deckchair when I think of the land down under, and of course a song or two.

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  2. Sarah J Hedrick

    The “Tour Down Under” just started in Adelaide, Australia. It is the official start of the pro cycling tour for the year. I think you’re on the other side of Australia…but you’re a lot closer than I am. Glad you’re having a good time!


    1. Thanks, Sarah! Yes, the tour is just a bit west of us in Adelaide. I wish it would come through Melbourne for us to watch, especially since they had to shorten the race due to the heatwave. Australia is awesome!


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