Two final days to wrap up our adventures in Nepal. We are healthy again (thanks for your prayers) and had an easy bus ride back to the capital.

We arrived just in time for the fourth day of celebration of Tihar. We were blessed to spend this celebration with Prarthana’s parents at their home in Kathmandu. Jyoti and Deepak welcomed us with generous hospitality, and it felt amazing to spend time with borrowed family after so long on the road. We ate delicious food, talked, danced and had a wonderful time.


The city is decorated with flowers, candles, and colorful twinkle lights. Children go door-to-door singing for tips, and musicians go door-to-door and put on full concerts with guitars, keyboards and amplifiers.


Our final day we spent sightseeing within the city. We saw the intricate carvings of the Durbar (old palaces), dodged motorcycles in crowded alleyways, and laughed at–then ran from– the monkeys at Swayambhunath. The monkeys were so cute and entertaining, but at the same time they are unpredictable and sometimes aggressive. I didn’t know I was afraid of monkeys until today. They would swarm and climb, and jump out at me from every angle.


Our adventure spirit is slightly bruised so we are going to Bali next to relax…after 19 hours spanning two flights and a layover.

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