Days 6-8 Upper Pisang to Yak Kharka

The high route from Upper Pisang to Manang may well be the prettiest section of the Annapurna circuit. The climb is steep, but in this case, every step was worth it.

We spent two nights in Manang in order to acclimate, and we needed it as Aaron fell sick for a day with AMS. I explored a nearby monastery while he recovered.

The air is very thin up here, and we have another one thousand meters to ascend over the next two days. If we make it through tonight without getting sick, we will climb another five hundred meters tomorrow. Otherwise, we can spend another night in Yak Kharka to better acclimate. We are taking Diamox to help our bodies adjust, and also eating more food than I have ever consumed in a single sitting. The calories and carbs are really helpful to the body and we are burning at a rate beyond replacement. For the first time in our relationship, I am the one encouraging Aaron to eat more and I am leading by example.

We only hiked five miles today. The scenery continues to amaze me, and we are now in an area with lots of yaks instead of cows. They make the funniest bellowing sound, and even when they wake me up in the night, I laugh at the noise.

It is exhausting to hike at this altitude. We are in good spirits, but after a few hours of hiking and lunch, it was time for a nap.

3 thoughts on “Days 6-8 Upper Pisang to Yak Kharka

  1. Barry Calfee

    That is some elevation you guys are headed for, On Whitney at 4418 meters or 14,495 the air is thin . I remember you sleeping at the top the first time we were there and that is a sign of altitude sickness as well. Sounds like you are taking care of yourselves the best you can. Are you doing the Sherpa Walk Valarie? I remember you being so embarrassed when we were doing that shuffle somewhere on a trip…… Just think
    how dense the air will feel and energetic you will be when you do descend. Take Care,


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