Edinburgh, Scotland

I always assumed I was Scottish. My family comes from Montana, but before that it may as well be Scotland. Some rainy place where sunlight never burned our skin and where everyone’s favorite pastime was hiking in the highlands. Their accents are so delightful and the tartan and bagpipes are pretty great too. I am excited to visit my hypothetical heritage and see how my Gael, Pict, and Scottish ancestors lived.

Edinburgh castle dominates the old town. It is built atop a lava mountain and the main road rises up to it’s gates. The entrance holds a small stadium designed for quidditch but now used for military tattoos. Scottish tattoos are like a color guard performance.

The skyline is pierced with cathedral spires and belltowers. Gothic architecture dominates the city and it feels like I have stepped back in time five hundred years.

The throngs of festival flyers bring me back to the present. The Edinburgh Fringe festival lasts all of August with comedy shows, plays, and musical acts. There are hundreds a day to choose from and we saw ten shows. Most were excellent. One concert played Folsom Prison Blues and it made me smile to hear a song about my hometown on the other side of the world.

2 thoughts on “Edinburgh, Scotland

  1. How awesome to hear Folsom Prison Blues in Scotland? Was it a Johnny Cash version?

    About the Scottish ancestry, I do not doubt that Grampa John told you he was “part Scotch”. I was never able to prove that; however, there was an old story about a certain Grandmother who inherited a castle, or shares in one, or something back in the early 1900’s. Since nobody had the money to return to Scotland to claim it, it went to the next in line. I will have to check out that Grandmothers name in my genealogy, and let you know if you are interested! Love, Gramma


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