Glasgow, Scotland

We stayed in a tiny dorm that brought flashbacks to my college RA days. This was much quieter though. During summer the Glasgow School of Art uses the dorm as a hostel for travelers. We took an evening stroll along a street pronounced “sucky-hall” and hardly encountered a soul.

Our first morning we started at a large park just west of the city. This took us to Kelvingrove museum and the University of Glasgow.

After a midday nap, we headed to the Eastern edge of the city to see the Necropolis and Glasgow Cathedral.

The European Games begin this week and whole city blocks are fenced off. It made getting around a bit challenging.

Every street seemed to have some cathedral or public building that was hundreds of years old. This charming apartment building is built into a clock tower.

St Mungo’s! I thought JK Rowling made this up.

Blue clock towers!

Every evening the traffic cones are removed from the statue, and every morning they reappear.

The People’s Palace: almost worth the five Mile round trip with fully loaded packs.

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  1. Valarie, your pictures and commentaries are so GOOD. makes me feel like I am touring with you. I have never been to Scotland, so this is a good lesson. I knew it was “old”, and the architecture surely proves the point. Be well, Dear Ones. Love, Gramma


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