Glacier might be my new favorite US national park. It is green and gorgeous and filled with turquoise glacier lakes. It did rain for 30 consecutive hours, but I don’t hold it against them. The rain exacerbated all of our gear failures: rainfly is no longer water proof, Aaron’s mattress has developed a tumor, car’s check engine light went on, and our easy-up collapsed in the night into a spider-shaped mess of twisted metal. Apgar campground does have hot showers though, so overall it was a bit of a wash.

We arrived in the evening after a final hike in Yellowstone and a sunny drive through Montana. We even saw a litter of wolf pups on the outskirts of a farm! Our campground had plenty of vacancy and a family of deer. I booked for three nights with an option to extend for a fourth. The rain helped us decide that three was plenty.

Our first morning we hiked to Avalanche Lake and it was stunning. Our second day we did a rainy-day hike around lake MacDonald and it had less lake views than desired. We spent most of our rainy day drinking wine in the car and reading.

The final morning gave us a break from the rain as we packed up camp. Everything was wet and the forecast for Canada was a snowstorm, so I booked us an Airbnb in Calgary. We will get a break from sleeping on the wet ground.

2 thoughts on “Glacier

  1. barry calfee

    quite an adventure. I wouldn’t worry about the check engine light, it usually means some part of the smog system is out of tolerance but you can drive for 1000’s of miles with that or until
    the next smog check required for reregistering.


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