Zadar & Hvar, Croatia

Beep beep beep beep beep

That pretty much summarizes our 12-hour bus ride from Sarajevo to Zadar. This wasn’t honking, it was an internal sensor that made ear-splitting noises intermittently the entire drive. I looked for a pattern to make sense of it so that the mystery would not drive me crazier than the noise. Sometimes it would beep for thirty seconds, sometimes for two. At most we would get five minutes between beeps, but most frequently it was only fifteen seconds of rest. We got to Zadar severely dehydrated with terrible headaches. We checked into our Airbnb, rehydrated, then mustered energy to go out and watch the sunset. With rain in the forecast, we wanted to enjoy the clear evening.

We walked through ruins of a Roman forum to the sea organ. The waves against the sea wall fill pipe organs and the sound comes out through keyholes on the steps above the waterline. It sounds like a cat walking across piano keys.

The next couple of days it poured. We still walked around the city to the lighthouse, to Decathlon and to the sites of old town, but we got soaked. Every evening I dragged us back to the musical sea organ. It still works in the rain.

City number three in Croatia for us is sunny Hvar on the island of Hvar. We stayed at a very lively hostel, but I was bedridden with a fever and chills so I didn’t get to be as social as I was hoping. We did get to talk to several friendly travelers over dinner each night, but we are glad that our days in dorms are now behind us.

We had one perfect sunny day, so I was afforded a change of scenery by lying on the beach instead of my bed. The water is the prettiest shade of turquoise, and the coastline reflects all the colors of the sunset.

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  1. Barry Calfee

    Beep. You have learned a lot of patience on this trip. I am not sure, actually I am very sure I would have struggled greatly with many of the challenges you two overcame on this worldwide trip. What beautiful pictures!
    Love Dad


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