Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Day trip! We took a Paddywagon bus tour from Dublin to Galway, East coast to West coast of Ireland. We stopped in a handful of tiny towns along the way to enjoy a farmers market, lunch and snacks. Stone walls divided the fields of the countryside and all kinds of sheep dotted the hills. They love fences in the city and stone walls in the wild.

Quick stop at Baby Cliffs

The main destination: the cliffs of Moher. I try not to over use superlatives, but this coastline deserves them. It is majestic and truly stunning. The cliffs rise 702 feet from the ocean below. The angles of the cliffs let you admire them from land.

We spent an hour marvelling at the cliffs and treading carefully along the edge. The people in the distance demonstrate the scale. It is a very long way down.

O’Brien’s Tower atop the cliffs

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