The Plan

MapThis is the itinerary for our travels. We aren’t buying tickets or booking accommodations in advance, so it may change significantly.

Month Country City Nights
July Iceland Reykjavic, Selfoss, Thingvellir 4
July Ireland Dublin, Belfast, Giants Causeway 6
August Scotland Glasgow 2
August Scotland Edinburgh, Stirling 5
August England York 2
August England Bath, Cotswold, Cardiff 7
August Switzerland Zurich 2
August Switzerland Lucerne 2
August Switzerland Bern 2
August Switzerland Berner-Oberland, Interlaken, Grindewald 5
August Switzerland Zermatt 2
August Italy Milan 2
September Italy Venice 2
September Italy Verona 2
September Italy Padua 2
September Italy Bologna 2
September Italy Cinque Terre 3
September France Nice, Marseille, Aix-en Provence 5
September France Carcassonne 1
September Andorra 1
September Spain Barcelona 1
September Spain Zaragoza 1
September Spain Madrid 5
September Spain Granada 2
September Spain Seville with day trip to Cordoba 3
October Morocco Marrakesh 5
October Portugal Lisbon with day trip to Sintra 5
October Nepal Kathmandu 4
October Nepal Trekking 10
October India Amritsar 3
October India New Delhi 3
November India Agra 2
November India Jaipur 4
November India Udaipur 4
November India Mumbai 4
November Japan Tokyo 4
November Japan Kyoto with daytrips to Nara, Osaka 8
November Hong Kong Hong Kong 3
December Australia Melbourn 4
December Australia Canberra 2
December Australia Sydney 4
December Australia Gold Coast 3
December Australia Cairn, Port Douglas 3
December Indonesia Ubud 6
December Indonesia Java 4
December Indonesia Bali 4
December Singapore 2
January Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 2
January Thailand Phuket 4
January Thailand Krabi 4
January Thailand Bangkok 4
January Thailand Chiang Mai 4
January Thailand Chiang Rai 4
January Cambodia Siem Reap 5
January Cambodia Phnom Penh 4
February Vietnam Ho Chi minh 5
February Vietnam Hoi An 4
February Vietnam Ha Long Bay 5
February UAE Abu Dhabi 2
February UAE Dubai 2
February UAE Excursion 2
February Israel Jereusalem 8
March Jordan Petra 2
March Turkey? Gorem, Istanbul, Gallipoli 12
March France Paris 7
March France Strasbourg, day trip to Baden 3
March Germany Rhine River 7
April Belgium Brussels, day trip to Bruges 4
April Germany Cologne 2
April Germany Dusseldorf 2
April Netherlands Amsterdam, day trip to Haarlem 4
April Slovenia Ljublana 3
April Slovenia Bled 3
April Croatia Split 3
April Croatia Zagreb 3
April Bosnia Mostar 3
April Bosnia Sarajevo 4
May Croatia Dubrovnik 3
May Montenegro Budva, Kotor 4
May Albania Saranda 3
May Albania Tirana 2
May Macedonia Ohrid 3
May Macedonia Skopje 3
May Greece Athens 3
May Greece Island 5
May Bulgaria Sunny Beach 3
June Bulgaria Sofia 4
June Romania Bucharest 4
June Romania Cluj-Napoca 4
June Romania Brasov 2
June Romania Marmures 4
June Poland Krakow 4
June E. Canada Quebec City 4
June E. Canada Montreal 4
July E. Canada Toronto and Niagara Falls 2
July US Sacramento/SFO 4
July US Camping Salt Flats 1
July US Camping Grand Tetons 4
July US Camping Yellowstone 4
July US Camping Glacier 4
July Canada Camping Banff 4
July Canada Camping Jasper 4
July Canada Camping Yoho 4
August Canada Vancouver 3
August US Camping Badlands 4
August US Camping Windcave 2
August US Camping Rocky Mountain 4
August US Camping Great Sand 3
August US Camping Mesa Verde 1
August US Camping Black Canyon of the Gunnison 4
August US Camping Capitol Reef 2
August US Camping Bryce 4
August US Camping Great Basin 4